Back to the Little Man

Ok, so Robbie is just too funny...I have to document his latest!

Obsessed with backscratches...I think he picked it up at the beach, because he always needs lotion and a blanket and his shirt has to be off! He is always asking Tia or Addie if they will give him a backscratch. Should I be worried?

Tonight after trying to convince him to wear pajamas after he insisted on wearing levis to bed, I heard him in the bathroom. When I went up there, he showed me what a big helper he was...rolling the toilet paper on to the roll-holder! Well, thats one way to get it on there!

Rob walking in on him like this the other day! What? First of all...I did not put him it that outfit. Is he a forest ranger?

As for playgroup, it was at my house last week and we were on the letter "F" for Friends, Funny Faces and Feathers.
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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

i am still laughing about the forest ranger outfit. i love your kids so much chels! you and rob too, dont worry. im excited to see you guys in december!

Muranda said...

i am dying right now...he is too funny

The Mauss Family said...

He is hilarious! He is at such a great age where ALMOST everything they do is so funny!

Dave and Miranda said...

you really have struck it lucky with these two. I can't have babies until yours are in their awkward years so mine get some "cute baby" attention!

Tiffany said...

I love all the personality! So cute!