Im Coming!

Robbie's catch-all phrase! "Robbie, did you clean up your toys?" "Coming." "Put your shoes on" "Coming." "Will you get off the counter please?" "Coming." Did you eat your lunch?" "Coming" He never is actually doing any of those things...but I think he has learned that it makes me think he is! He is also in this stage where he wants to pick out his own clothes...everyday. So, right now, he is sleeping in his levis and his "I love daddy" shirt! Silly little guy!

Robbie's favorite past time...Mowing the Lawn!

I am now remembering why it is harder when kids crawl...THE STAIRS!

Robbie gets on kicks...like wearing his daddy's hat everywhere!
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Muranda said...

It makes me smile when I see Robbie wanting to be like Rob. I love it! Your kids are so cute, I can hardly stand it.

Kurt said...

It almost looks like he is flexing in the last one... He is such a hoot!

Rachel said...

I am DREADING the full on crawl. Will is thisclose and I know it will rock my world when he is mobile.

3 year olds are such characters, I love this age!! Helps me get through the tough 2 year old phase I am in with Presley to know that 3 is SO much better!

When ya coming to Texas??

Dave and Miranda said...

Seriously, the funniest! I die! I can't wait for you all to come out here. I miss those babies!