Ode to Sweet Baby Elle

My little Elle is a dream come true. She is the type of baby that only cries when she is hungry, sleeps 12 hours at night, plays with toys by herself and is completely entertained, eats everything, cuddles when she is sleepy, laughs at everything...even going down the stairs, says "mama" and wakes up laughing, giggling and playing. It is so easy for me to take for granted this little angel that I have...but when I remember to think about how easy she is (like when I get frustrated when she doesnt let me wipe her face-the only time she gets upset)
I become so so greatful for my little girl!

Elle, waking up happy

completely entertained...even if she doesnt want to nap...she'll just play

and laugh, and play and play!

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Muranda said...

She really is such a dream...plus she is absolutely adorable!

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

Ok so you are so lucky! I used to have a baby that slept like that...since we've been in Cali she's up at 2,5 and 7!! I dont know how to handle it now, I totally took her for granted. Darling kids and I love that you belonged in London too!!! Guess who I've convinced to start a blog...ASHLEY! yeah :)

Dave and Miranda said...

cutest baby ever. I'm in maternity right now, and I swear I've never seen one cuter!