A different world at the State Fair!

Did you know, that people prepare to show pigs at the fair for months and months before? They practice walking them so that their heads are up and they dont look "front heavy." Anyway, you dont have to travel the world to find out about different cultures...the state fair is a culture shock all in itself! Who knew there were over 50 types of Rabbits and have you ever heard of a "sugar glider?" They are awesome, so look them up online!

Robbie on a pony.

Robbie with Aunt Mattie...even though they look like siblings to me!

Being very soft with the new calf.

Lots of "Wilburs"
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Rachel said...

Just wait til you get to Texas... you will be taking the kids to the Stock Show once a year. As kids, we even got to miss school for the rodeo. Hope you have cowboy boots and cute western gear!! It gets pretty over the top!!

The rebel is exactly what I want. I am glad to hear another good review on it =)

See you soon!!

Rachel said...

I forgot to tell you about our State Fair... hope you like Fried everything... I am really excited for you to become a Texan, can you tell??