Nagshead, Outerbanks 2007

We were SO lucky to have PERFECT weather the entire trip! Seriously, we just woke up and hung out at the beach or pool all day everyday! Rob started calling me antisocial because I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse while we were there! (Now I know why everyone loves those books and I have joined the club...counting the days until the next one comes out!) Anyway, the kids just played in the sand and didnt need any entertaining from us...so it was really relaxing. We love our outerbanks group...and I hope even though we will all be moving next year, we can keep up the tradition! Little Happy Robbie!

Little Happy Elle!

Family Photo!

Elle in her beach cover up...ready to go play!

Robbie getting sleepy for naptime!

Sister watching brother play in the water while she plays on the sand!

I kind of wanted to show off my beach bag. My friend Kathy and I made these before the trip...it is pretty much my first successful craft project ever, so Im a little proud!

Robbie's daily ritual...dragging the sandtoys from the beach house to the beach!

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aimee heff said...

this looks like the best family trip ever. there is nothing better than doing nothing with a book and the sun!

just finished new moon last night.