Weekend at the Cabin

To finish off the Rob's time in Utah, we spent the weekend at the cabin in Montana. We had both grandmas there, uncle Tay Tay, aunt Mattie and Poppa flew up for one day. It was pretty chilly so we spent a lot of time by the fire...but the freezing cold lake water did not stop the kids! It was so nice to be back where the air is clear and nature is abundant!
My mom was scared the whole time because there were bear warnings by the cabin...a grizzly and a black bear! (We found evidence)

Family pics are getting harder and harder!

Mattie tried her hand at fishing!

One of the fishies...Robbie made sure he was a gonner by throwing him, rolling him in sand and swinging him over his shoulder!

We saw coyotes, elk and many bison in the park.


Elle was so excited to wear her Uggs and patagonia vest in the cool weather. (a gift from Grandpa Al)

Getting warm after hours in sub zero water!

Their idea of boogie boarding!

The fishie.


Jeremy and Genevieve said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I always love our family time at the cabin too!

Goodrich's said...

Oh man, I miss the mountains. Looks like you had lots of fun up there and right now I'd give anything for crisp mountain air and cool weather!

Muranda said...

Way jealous. Your family picture is so adorable.

Mike and Joy said...

Chelsea- Hi! How funny that blogger did that with your picture. I am glad you posted, look at your cute family! Your kids are darling. I really thought Mattie was Emmy, too. Wow. Mike wishes he was in Montana right now. That trip sounds divine!

horsley home said...

Hey! It's Chelsea Horsley! I have seen your blog on Miranda'a and thought I'd leave a comment- your little family is DARLING! I love the picture on the canoe- so cute! Elle is so cute, she's about the same age as my little girl, maybe we could get them together for a play date sometime!

The LeRoy's said...

It was really nice to finally meet you in person. I have heard a lot about you from Cory and Chad. You little family is darling. I hope we meet again sometime!

Shanna LeRoy

Rachel said...

You are going to have to tell me what kind of camera you have. Santa is bringing me a new one and your pics are just amazing!!

Just wait until you have 3 kids... Forget smiling for the camera! I am happy is I can get all three sitting close to one and other lol!!

See you soon... can't wait to meet your kids!

ITB~ Rach

Jackson & Catherine Lever said...

Olah! So fun to see your pics and catch up with where you are. Your kids are so so cute! Looks like you had a fabulous time, you gotta love the landscape in the West.

Tiffany said...

Chelsea, you're it! I was tagged and have to tag 5 other people...that means you should post 6 interesting things about yourself. Sorry!