The story of my life...

I dont mean to ALWAYS be talking about this, but this is seriously the story of my life! I change diapers all day long...and with Baby Elle, it is at least one blow out a day! I am going to start putting her in size 5 diapers at 8 mos. old just so this wont happen!
So today, I drive up to my last closing of the season, (yeah...that means I am done working for the year!) and of course I bring my little assistant with me, and luckily right after the closing I find myself completely changing her from top to bottom in the back of my car! (why does it always have to be the worst places where there is no equipment?) Good thing I threw in a spare outfit at the last minute! It is so second nature to clean this stuff up for me...I wonder what Rob would ever do if he was stuck in this kind of situation alone? Im sure he could handle it, but it would be fun to have a hidden camera if it did ever happen! Anyway, I feel like changing kids is what I do most...and then a couple other random things throughout the day!

This is on the floor of a restaurant bathroom in ukraine, another ideal place for this to happen. It happens at least once a day, so I should have a million pictures just like this in strange places!
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Muranda said...

It always happens in the worst places. The worst part for me isn't the clean-up, it is trying to get it out of their outfits. I am not very good at that.

On a side-note. Your hair is darling. I have never seen you with shorter hair, and it is so cute. Plus, could you get any skinnier?!?

aimee heff said...

so when i read these kinds of blogs it really makes me want to wait to have kids! I know I will love my kids but all the energy they take makes me feel old just thinking about it!

I bet you are a great mom.

Have you decided to come up to Seattle yet!?

Elise said...

Ha ha ha. I am SO laughing! Isn't that entry the TRUTH!!! I ALWAYS carry and extra outfit too. Between a 4 year old boy who LOVES mud and water and my girl (same age as Elle) who loves to surprise me with blowouts too... I should carry an extra wardrobe for each of them : )

P.S. There is hope and it does get a little easier when you only have to change one bum : )

Bekah, Matt & Jax said...

Okay. I LOVE your blog. I saw your comment on my blog - so good to hear from you. My email is rebekahnugent@hotmail.com. Let's keep in touch.

I am sitting at the computer laughing out loud. I feel the same way about blowouts. A few weeks ago I was visiting Salt Lake. My sister has this really hot guy from high school in her ward ( I won't name names). So of course, even though I am happily married I wanted to look cute. Jax ended up exploding all over me. The most embarrasing part is it was bright yellow and I had to walk right passed him on my way out of sunday school! That stinks! I can't even imagine 2.