So this is why I was late to church...

Oh my gosh! What a day Im having...or what a week! Late last night I woke the kids up and packed them into the car to pick up Rob at the airport. So, this morning when they needed to sleep in and catch up...We had to pack them up again to take Rob to the airport by 7:00! I think we all know what happens when kids dont sleep! Robbie has been a little crazy! Climbing on the top bunk of his bed (which is a major no-no!), throwing the pillows off, doing somersaults up there! Also making his little sister laugh who was half way under the bottom bunk (I dont know how she got there!) He climbed onto his dresser and switched the cd mode to radio mode, and started a little dance party with the rap that came on. Yeah...I joined in and showed the kids a couple of sweet moves when the black eyed peas "lets get it started" came on. Oh my, I dont know how people do this stuff on their own. It has only been a week and I am exhausted. Hooray for next Friday when Daddy comes home!

1 wild monkey jumping on the bed...the other one tucked half way under the bed!

He knows he is not supposed to be up there...that is why it is fun!

Always, Always amused by her big brother...she laughs at everything he does. I think she loved laying in the middle of Chaos!
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Muranda said...

Absolutely hilarious. The best part is that Elle thought it was so funny. I can not tell you how happy I am that I get to see your life now.

Elise said...

Gotta love the Sunday groove, without the hubby. There are so many residents in our ward that we all just get right in there and pitch in... Wandering child? No problem. Closest mom catches them. Prayer? Hand off to the closest person on your way to the pulpit (the bishop takes his fair share too)! I'm always SO glad when I get Chris back : )

aimee heff said...

So glad to see you are blogging. It is great to keep in touch. We seriously need to catch up. Its been waaaay too long.

Your kids are so darling.

The Mauss Family said...

HILARIOUS!! I can't believe how much robbie has grown up! He is totally a toddler now! Yeah you started a blog! We hope all is well:) Jake, Teylor and Walker