Lancaster...a place I love

I make it up to Lancaster at least once a month. It is an hour and a half drive from Philly, but in my opinion very worth it. Some may think I go up there for the Pottery Barn outlets, Ralph Lauren Kids outlet, and about every other outlet you can think of...but really there is so much more to it than that. It is where you can get a glance at a simpler style of living. You dont have to look for the Amish when you are there, because they live right among everyone else. Today, I pointed out many horse drawn buggies to Robbie, and saw a bunch of bearded amish men building a house together. When Emmy came to visit a couple weeks ago, we stopped at a sign for cold rootbeer and actually drove right up to the house to buy some. (The little girl came out and said they were closed but to come back later that day.) It is so fun to be really close to such a beautiful culture. My drives down often always include a little shopping, but they dont need to...because just seeing these people and their way of living is enough to feel fulfillment for the trip. A great way to learn more about the Amish is to read "PLAIN AND SIMPLE" by Sue Bender. It is a small peek into these peoples lives.

There are signs like this one around on back roads, some for fresh jam, fresh tomatoes or apples, or my favorite, Root Beer.

This young Amish girl in her very thick English Accent let us know that they were out of root beer but to come back the next day. Emmy snapped the picture (hopefully) with out her knowing. They dont like to be photographed.

I love this picture. This is really how it is...How Beautiful!

You see these buggies more in the winter...they adhere to our same traffic rules and signs!
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Muranda said...

I love that you are teaching Robbie about their culture. How fun that you live so close to such a wonderful place.

Tiffany said...

Hey Chels! So glad you found my blog and so now I can see yours! Your bro-in-law's farewell was in our ward...what an amazing missionary he obviously was. Looks like a great trip...what an experience! Your kids are so cute, of course. I love Robbie's room...I have the same quilts for our boys but their room is nowhere near as cute...inspiring! I'm going to add your blog link to mine if you don't mind! -Tiff