Potty training is not for me!

I am not even trying to potty train. Robbie can where diapers forever. Let me just say, that today I walked into the biggest mess ever in the bathroom! It was disgusting and I had to clean it all up. YUCKY!

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Muranda said...

Hilarious...I am not sure what we would do if he was any cuter. Give me the dates that you will be here. I would love to go to lunch with you. I know that it gets busy when you are here, but we would love to hang out.

Rachel said...

So cute Chels!! You get all the boy potty training figured out so when it is my turn you will be the expert. I will be here for ya when it is Elle's turn. See ya in a few weeks!

Elise said...

Oh SO fun! Bribery in all its forms worked for me!!! I also waited until after Sam's 3rd birthday (advise from my pediatrician...)! Good luck : )

Beau said...

I love your blog! Ours is still in the works, so I'll keep you posted. I would love to get together in September. I can't wait to meet your kids. Love ya, Chelsa