a minute of elle's chatter...

E:Mom, what if the evil stepmother took away Cinderella's make up?
M:Oh, that would be very sad
E:Maybe not too sad because she could keep her lipstick and mascara
M:That would be good
E:Big Poppa said that he used to be a little girl
M:That was silly of him
E:And when he was a little girl he used to wear lipstick
M:Maybe you should call him and tell him he wasnt a little girl
E:Yeah, but not right now because I did a "burp" and I better "burp" on the toilet.
M:Good Idea
E:So, when are we going to mommo's house in Texas?
M:We live in Texas, Mommo's house is in Utah
E:Then when are we going to LOO-HAH?
M:Not Loo-hah, YOU-TAH
E:So when are we going to LOO-TAH, seem mom, Im a good learner.
M:Yes you are, you are a great learner
E:Mom, You have got to come see my big poo-poo
M:OK...that is a big poopoo
E:MOM, why did you put toilet paper over my big poopoo...now I cant see it anymore
M:Im sorry honey..........................


LeeAnne said...

LOL... my son gets annoyed when the toilet paper blocks his view of his poops too!

Adrianne said...

Whoa Chelsea, that is THE FUNNIEST thing I've read in a long time. It's like 1:30 in the a.m. right now I just belly laughed! Hope you are all well!