Things to tell Mommo...

"Robbie, what things do we need to tell Mommo when she comes to stay with you?"

His response:
1. dont let Jane mess up my room
2. dont let Jane mess up Elle's room or get into her makeup
3. dont let Jane get in either Robbie's room OR Elle's room
4. I love crepes, and chicken nuggets...but only nuggets from McDonalds
5. Elles favorite is a hamburger...you know she loves those
6. What I love to play is point games, my learning book, shooting the bad guys and playing starwars wii
8. My favorite snacks arent sticky. Daddy said at my school that I can eat chocolate.

"well Robbie, what should I pack?"
Maybe you should pack your beautiful shirt with sprinkles all over it.

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Emmy said...

i am freaking dying over their outfits. and great pix chels! holy cow, cutest kids.