Robbie turned 5 a couple days ago!  He and his friends had a lot of fun at his astronaut training party.
As always, you can see all the details here soon.
Rob was the trainer...and really got into it!  The kids were counting down, blasting rockets, shooting aliens, and Rob was right there with them!
I think they loved their official NASA uniforms!
doing shuttle repairs 
searching for moon rocks
Rob and I spent the night before crafting our hanging MOON cake!
Robbie loved blowing the candles out while it was still hanging
and rob loved cutting it while it was still hanging!!!

I cant believe I have a 5 year old!  It has been 5 years of laughing EVERY DAY!  I am so lucky to be Robbie's Mommy!!!
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Steph said...

You are amazing. Looked like a great party.

Lizzie and James said...

Seriously...you guys continue to put us all to shame with how creative and fantastic your kids parties are! I wish I was there!

Emily and Austin Gray said...

My kids are huge fans of the stomp rocket, too -- greatest ever toy invention.

Love the cake!!!