Winning the Beetle Battle...

Here it is, 6 days later. Our pantry is still pretty much empty. I have scrubbed it down 3 times, Sprayed it with chemicals while completely empty and left it to sit for couple days, cloroxed every item I put back in it (like 10 cans, my new airtight empty containers, etc) AND THEY ARENT GONE YET!
I keep seeing one or two...and I just 409 them and watch them die. There is nothing for them to eat, and unfortunately there is nothing for us to eat either (we have been eating out a lot this week)
Our exterminator assures us we are just seeing the ones that were hiding...but I am still too uneasy about putting food back in there.
Thank you for all your encouragement. I know we can come out victorious...im just not sure when!

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Joy said...

Chelsea, I seriously have the worst heebie geebies thinking about these beetles. I am fearful of buying rice now.