Bathtime stories...

Robbie: "Mom, Elle is trying to grab my private."
Mom: "Elle, Dont touch Robbie's private."
Robbie: "Maybe she thinks it's a toy or something."
Mom:(laughing) "maybe"
Robbie:"I know, maybe she thinks it's a Hot dog!"
Mom:(laughing for the rest of my life)


Rosander said...

Oh my gosh Chels that is the funniest think I have ever heard. I can not stop laughing. Oh just got such a kick out of that. Thanks for that. Lindsay Rosander

Muranda said...

chels...that is hilarious! i didn't post this for adam's sake, but one day ash was in the bathroom when adam was going, and he looked up at him and said, "daddy have a hotdog too?" seriously, boys are so funny!