The infiltrators

This is called a "grain beetle"
One day, you might buy a bag of rice. That bag of rice might have a little beetle or an egg inside. Without knowing, you may open the rice. A week later you may have these in or on everything in your pantry.
You might have to throw away 4 large garbage bags full of food, spend 8 hours cleaning, and 2 hours disgusted and depressed.
I would like to publicly apologize to the starving kids in Africa.
There was nothing I could do.
I hope its over...because there is nothing left in the pantry.
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LeeAnne said...

UGH!!! Poor you! :(

Rachel said...

Aren't those called "weebles" or something like that? Sorry Chels, that really sucks.

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

Oh that is a MAJOR bummer. MAJOR. So sorry to hear about the grain beetle. I, too, would be disgusted and depressed. =(

Steph said...

I'm sorry. that sounds like so much work. I'm sure it has been a difficult last week. You guys are the best.

li'l mil said...

Are they the same as weevils? We got weevils a couple years ago and threw everything out too. Then we learned that if you freeze stuff, it kills the eggs and the weevils. And if you keep it in airtight containers, that helps, too. So, we took a trip to good ol' Walmart and invested in some of those plastic cereal boxes and flour/sugar containers. Haven't had a problem since... good luck!

Ellice said...

Oh... that stinks!! So sorry for you guys.

I was thinking of you the other night... while I was making Abby a new twirly skirt for her birthday... memories :).

Miss you guys!