Gap GIVE & GET naked

OK...so I thought Id stop by the Gap on Friday with all the kids first thing in the morning and grab some school clothes for 30% off...well, what an experience.
We walked in and I went straight for boys jeans with Robbie and Jane...I must have missed where Elle went because my phone rang and I started to chat for a minute and next thing I knew, Elle was completely naked opening a pair of pajamas and putting them on! I was in such a predicament...so I got off the phone, asked Robbie to stand by Jane and then I started toward Elle. Well, Elle is quite the little runner and as soon as she saw me coming she started booking it through the store. I was in a FULL SPRINT trying to catch my little streaker.
Needless to say, we left the gap that instant and I decided online shopping may be a better option for me right now!


Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

OK that is hilarious!!! I finally posted pics of Costa Rica... I left out all the good details of the trip, but your really the only one who cares so we'll chat when i come out on October. I already priced out tickets. From New orleans I can get round trip to SAT for only 195! I'm going to make it work, let me know what dates are good! love your face my dear!

Emmy said...

OHH MY GOODNESS. i almost peed my pants reading this. I love her so much. and i really, really wish i could have been there or you could have taken pictures!

Rachel said...

Love it Chels!! Gap is where MY middle child loves to wreak the most havoc as well. I think the sales people there cringe when they see us coming. Shopping with 3 can be tricky!! I am a HUGE online shopper myself =)

alisa and sometimes brandon said...