Robbie was so proud...

"Mom, I have to wear 3 shirts today. I put my spiderman shirt on first then my star wars one, and my green one on top."

He wouldnt let me take a picture without his shooter!

I love when the kids get along! Tonight after their bath, they came running out of the bathroom naked, and then turned and ran down the stairs naked. They were laughing so hard...they thought they were so funny!

She cant really walk in any of her favorite shoes...thats a problem, but she loves to hobble in them if theyre pretty!
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Emmy said...

could they have any more character? i LOVE it. i cannot wait to see you guys on SAT!!

i love how much elle takes after you with her jewelry obsession! adaorable..love you chels.

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

Looks like life with 3 is keeping you busy!! Such sweeties!