robbie robbie robbie

The latest obsession? The starwars game...Daddy:Han Solo, Robbie: Luke, Mommy: Princess Leia, Elle" Padmay or R2, Jane: Ewalk.
Rules: whatever robbie makes up at the moment, object: get the bad guys wherever they are with your assigned weapon.
This green string is robbie's starwars belt...whatever we do, we cant loose it!

Yesterdays obsession? pulling out weeds to see if they are holding on to carrots under the dirt...removing sand from sandbox to see if there are carrots somewhere under the dirt under the sand. What? I dont know.
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Hillery Ray said...

I'm sure you look great with two buns on the sides of your head! What is it with girls and necklaces? Sadie is only 18 months and already has to have 7 necklaces at all times. And I'm like everybody else - I want a dress/shirt tutorial. You need to start a class. I'm serious!