Dress ups with Ellie

I LOVE to see Ellie when we come in town. This time was extra special because she taught Robbie how to play dress ups!

As you can see...he needs some practice!

I love these girls! It was so fun to get together, even for a little bit with ALL of our kids! by the way, I cant believe I put this picture up..yes, I really did look this bad that day! AHHHH!
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We all looked that awful - that's the best part about our friendships. You can look like crap and we all still love each other just the same. We loved hanging out with you and your mom is the sweetest thing to let us invade her home like that - and I mean invade!! We love you all - thanks for the pics. I took none that day.

Rachel said...

Love to all my DG sisters... miss yall!!!

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

By the way- u did not look bad! would you rather be 9 months prego with swollen face, wearing pants way too tight and looking like you get 3 hours of sleep becuase of heart burn?
OH PLEASE- super model!