Jane's first shoot..

If you are wondering why its been awhile since I last posted...it is because Elle poured a bucket of water on my laptop!  So, it is being sent to Dell to fix and in the mean time, I am trying to get by without one!  Anyway, here are pictures from Jane's first shoot.  I have no idea how I am going to decide!!!  Allison was so patient with us as always and I am so excited about how they turned out.  (englishphoto.com or her photo blog is listed on the left)
Robbie was SO cooperative.  There are a couple with Elle too, but I have yet to see all the proofs.


LeeAnne said...

Jane is so precious!! I love love love those pictures!
I'd die if Carlitos dumped a bucket (or even a cup) of water on our laptop- we never renewed our accidental insurance on it. Can't wait to see more pictures from the shoot!

Rachel said...

First one and last one are my fav's, no question. You have some great shots here!!

Ellice said...

The pics are amazing.. she is so adorable!!!

Muranda said...

oh my...everything i had pictured and more! i am so sad you aren't here anymore. just a month and a half! can we do dinner with or without kiddos?!?! i'll be big and fat by then!