Surprise! Look Who's 30!

Rob turned 30 this week!

The kids and I surprised him at the clinic during lunch with a little party for him and the other doctors. The real surprise was the next day when he came home from school, his entire family had flown out to surprise him for the weekend. It was hard keeping that a secret for a couple months!
I think Rob feels great about turning 30. He has 3 kids (as of yesterday), will be done with school in 2.5 years (but he has 9 years behind him!), loves his work, loves his family and we all ADORE him!
Happy 30th Hun!
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Rachel said...

The docs SO love when the wives show up with goodies, you are so sweet! I can't believe our husbands are turning 30, that means we are next!

Muranda said...

Happy Birthday, Big Robbie! We love you! Wish we could have celebrated with you!