More Elle Trouble!

Luckily it wasnt a sharpie this time. Mommo was up in Robbie's room playing with the kids and she turned to find Elle using blue and green markers on her lips and hands. Que Preciosa! She had gotten them out of Robbie's backpack.

She didnt get her clothes...but she got Robbie's comforter. I think marker comes out...hopefully!

Can you see why it is a little scary having these 2 in the same household?

Can you see why Elle looked GIGANTIC to me when I got home from the hospital?
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Kim said...

I think it's the weirdest thing when you bring home that new baby and your older baby all the sudden look so big and grown up. Jane is SO cute- I can't wait to see her in real life!!!- so come visit!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

she is hilarious..and is going to have the best pictures to look back on!

Rachel said...

Oh Miss Elle is going to be a "Middle Monkey" just like my Presley!!