Robbie helped me with my gift list...

Dont you wish you were on this list:
Grandma: warm lotion and soap
Mommo: warm lotion and soap
Poppa: Bike
Big Al: snowboard movies
Aunt Miranda: warm blanket for Milo
Dave: paintbrush
Skuncle Jeff: dinosaur movies
aunt Katie: car
uncle Eric: robot cleaning machine
Emmy: robot cleaning machine
Mattie: robot that throws toys so she can catch them
Caden: basketball hoop
This is going to make my shopping SO easy!


Angie Brewster said...

I showed Caden this list and he was so excited to see his name included. Plus, he asked me, "will he really get me that?" Tell Robbie that Caden is really looking forward to seeing him again soon!


I just wish I was Aunt Katie. A new car sounds fab this time of year!

Emmy said...

YESSSS a Robot Cleaning Machine! EXACTLY what I have been wanting! This is adorable Chels. I can't remember all the questions you wrote on my blog..but Yes, I can't wait to see you and I got my tiger shirt at lolabella. No idea where he got his. And yeah, he is a cutie and he can't wait to meet you guys too!