Halloween Party 2009

Tough roller derby chick.

Some of the crazy costumes.

The coolest costumes ever. Just kidding. Making the shirts was SO FUN!

A picture at the end of the night. There were probably about 70-75 people there and it really was a lot of fun. Rob made an awesome 30 song dance mix so from 10pm on...it was all dancing! (for some of us!)

To see Halloween Party decor details click here
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So cute!! You guys are hot - especially Rob. Can I buy those shorts off of him? Now I guess I need to see Whip It. Haven't yet.

Annilee said...

So sad that I had to miss the dancing, what a fun time we had! Thanks for all the hard work, it was great!

Lisa said...

I've been waiting to see some pictures from The Party! You all look awesome! I've heard that it was such a fun night!

Emmy said...

party of the year. you are such a great little party planner. can't wait to hear about the tea party! and come home now! i cannot wait!!!

Tilane said...

I missed the party of the year! Looks like so much fun.