September Saturday...

I almost never let the kids play outside because it is TOO hot and there are thousands of mosquitos out there. Everytime they are playing they come in covered in bug bites. But, today he was having a lot of fun outside. He was picking up leaves and "cooking" them. He even brought me a full bucket (he told me that the rice was done.) He has been SO funny lately. This morning he came down and told me that he was done with his work, so I went up to see what he was working on. He had gone through his starwars coloring book and stuck his starwars stickers on top of the same character. He really went through every page: Yoda was on yoda, c3po, r2, han solo, annikan, even the storm trooper and that new red girl!

When I asked if he could take a picture he said he would like me to take it of his back while he is walking...so, here it is.

Im trying something new with Elle's hair today. I was surprised that the curlers lasted long enough for the picture. She kept pointing to them and saying "bow." Her hair is a little wavy/frizzy and then has one or 2 tight curls in the back...how does one deal with that?

The funnies part is I have never learned how to put in curlers. Im sure it will be frizzier and full of kinks in the morning...but I had to give it a shot!
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Rachel said...

Cute Chels! Elle's hair will be long enough for pigtails soon then it will be piggies, piggies, piggies!!!

I do a little french braid from the very front of the girls hair and just wind it to the side about 1/3 to 1/2 the way down. Presley's hair is so fine that it will poke out unless I am securing it with a french braid.

We also do "dirty buns" but that also has to wait til pigtails. I just make little piggie buns/loops and leave them kinda messy with a bow in the front of each one.

I love doing little girls hair, I am lucky that my girls will let me play with their hair all day long. The curlers can be so fun too.... look at my girls after curlers:


This may the longest comment I have ever left on someone's blog lol!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

oh I love them so much. im curious to see how her hair turned out!

echecchio said...

I want some "after" pics of Elle's hair.
You know whats even funnier than you not knowing how to put those in....that I still have sponge curlers and use them in my own hair! I know, I know...its ridiculous.

The Prestons said...

What a character! I love your posts about the funny things Robbie does/says. So cute!


LeeAnne said...

I'm curious to see what Elle looks like after the curlers :)

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

I want to see the pic post curlers too! Your kids are getting so big! how you feeling lately...love the frosting blog, you never cease to run out of time! love you!