Lil' Girls Playschool

We just started playschool this week at my house, and Im a little worried. Elle may in fact be a bully. I am hoping it was just because it was her house and the first time...but she was all about yanking the toys she wanted and throwing a F-I-T if I didnt let her have it! Oh goodness, this may be interesting!
There are 4 little ones (Ellie was out of town this week) and generally they played great together. It was just today that Elle had her "moments." Let's hope she doesnt have so many of them next week at someone else's house!

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I hate to tell you but that might just be the girl in her. Most of the girls that I know at the age starting at the age of 18 mo can be emotional little roller coasters. They do come out of it, but it seems girls are not nearly as passive as boys at this age. Good luck! Maybe just invest in some boxing gloves!! :)

LeeAnne said...

I guess Elle's not used to other kids playing with her things? Maybe at first it seems to her like they're intruding on her territory, but I'm sure that she'll soon realize that playing together is lots of fun :)

Rachel said...

Just remind yourself that my #2 child BIT poor Elle last summer. Those 2nd kids are fiesty aren't they?

I have never been so embarrassed in my life! And to find out she did it because she was "nibbling on her tiggies" the way her Daddy nibbles on hers... I was SO EMBARRASSED!!!

echecchio said...

I am sure she will get used to things. What a fun idea to have a little playschool. It is such a great thing to have your kids interacting in a structured way like that. :)