the Cherry Blossom Festival...without the blossoms

I have always wanted to see the fabulous cherry blossoms in DC...so we finally drove down on Friday night to see them. Unfortunately, the HUGE rainstorm that we drove through on the way, kind of ruined the blossoms! Oh well, I saw some and we got to see the parade...
Rob was fishing, so it was me and the kids at the parade.
This is the Cherry Blossom queen's float. I better mention that Rob was the Cherry Blossom Queen's date in 2001!
Target had to represent!
We followed Bob the Builder throughout the parade. Robbie made the connection that Mommo's nickname for him "Bob" meant that he is Bob the builder! So...since we were following bob, I was stuffed behind all the people trying to push a double stroller. So, at one point I went out in the road to push, the problem was, once I started walking on the road...I couldnt get back because there were no holes in the crowds. So I was just walking with this group of kids wearing blue and white and waving...for 15 minutes I pushed my stroller as if I was part of the parade...I felt SO dumb!

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Dave and Miranda said...

I'm sure everyone loved seeing a real mom with the cutest kids in the world in the parade. Gave all of the other real moms out there hope...