A couple stories about Clark Kent, and his sister Ellie

I may have already shared, that Addie is Robbie's "Princess P" and I am clifford the dog...but it goes on. Because now Robbie is "Clark Kent" and Addie is Lois.
Robbie has a new way of knowing if it is time to be asleep...if the lights are on outside. Everyday at naptime we have a discussion of why he has to sleep when the "lights are on"
Today he decided to start calling Elle, "Ellie" We'll see how long his nickname will last
Elle is a FISTY little girl! She has started to hit me in the face if she is upset...what? That will not be lasting much longer.
She is loving walking fulltime now (yeah) and loves shoes. She sits and waits for her pretty shoes of the day, and is sad to have them removed at night.
She has been playing tirelessly with her soft dollhouse and her doll stroller.
She still says Hi, Bye, Mama, Dadda, and gives a kiss, and she says "Lalalalala" or a sound similar with her tongue...it is so funny.


just me (Angie) said...

I just found your blog, I love it. Your kids are so cute they have grown up so much since I saw you last. My how time flies.

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

ohh i just love him..

Rachel said...

I talked to Ashley and I think we will be in SLC the same time this summer. Wouldnt' that be awesome to get another visit! I promise Presley will be on her best behavior. I told Phil he isn't allowed to "nibble" on her toes anymore so she doesn't "nibble" on anyone else's toes anymore either ;)