Home Sweet Home...

Leaving our first home is NOT going to be easy. When we came out looking for a traditional Pennsylvania-style home 4 years ago, we never imagined that we would fall so deeply in love with it! I found a home that I liked on the perfect street that sold before we could make an offer...so desperate to live on that exact street, I passed out flyers to see if anyone was willing to sell us their home. Luckily we had a couple calls, and one ended up being the perfect choice.
Here are pictures from the day that we bought it, and some from the day we SOLD it!

I fell in Love with the lay out..."center hall colonial" (like the one they talk about in Mona Lisa Smiles) Of course...I knew that the green banister would have to go!

My entry. One of my favorite rooms in the house. Always looks clean, and so warm and inviting.

The home had so much character! I died over the buffet cut out and built in china cabinet...they just dont make features like that anymore!

After buying the house, I walked around with the paint swatch "hunting coat red" in my pocket for 2 months! I knew it would be the perfect color for the room!

We were confused, but not discouraged about EVERY molding, doorframe, and the mantel painted powder blue! and notice the white painted bricks!

Our cozy living room...with a fireplace that I LOVE!

We knew we had to change the kitchen because I dont even think a cookie sheet would fit in that little oven!

I am going to miss cooking in here with Robbie! He brings his little chair in and helps me every day!

This room was our office and then Elle's room


Robbie's before

and now

I was so happy to get such a large soaking tub...really it is, you cant see it in this pic! And black and white tile! most bathrooms out here are pink, blue or yellow!

Our family bathroom!

The master bedroom has 4 large windows...that was a plus. 2 small closets--not so much!

But we do love it...the space, the floor, the light!

Yep...we saw this and still bought it!

Rob had his own plans for it..thank goodness!

Yep...we saw this too, and still bought it!

Perfect size office & craft room for me!

I dont think one surface went unchanged in the entire house! We are going to miss it...because we created it! Both our kids have grown up here all their years! We are so excited for the new owners to love it as we have!


The Whitings in Philly said...

hey Chelsea, I check in on your blog every so often! That was fun to look at your house pictures. I love before and after pics. You guys did such a great job with your house. It looks wonderful! Good luck with your move and new house!

echecchio said...

WOW! You did such an amazing job with the house. I loved it before, but seeing those pics really makes you appreciate all you did.
Congratulations of selling, but it must be hard to leave your first home as a family. Philly will miss you too.

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

WOW. I guess I didnt know how dramatic the change really was. What an amazing transformation... thanks to my professional help. kidding! LOVE you guys. And how nice am I to always comment on your posts lately? I'm a way better sister than Miranda.

brandon & alisa said...

I remember loving your house when I saw it a few years ago! You guys did a lot of work and I can imagine it will be sad to leave behind. However, knowing you, Chels, your next home will be just as fabulous and homey and all those good things!

Oh, and we're totally jealous you're moving to sunny and ho San Antonio :)

spenceandkath said...

I have never seen these pics and I would not believe you if I wasn't experiencing Philly decorating first hand. Wow...wow...and more wow! Not only are you going to miss your house, but we are going to miss you! Congrats on selling! The new owners will love it.

The LeRoy's said...

Holy Cow! (geeze)Chels. That is quite a project you had there. See, I am not the type to really think "Potential" ya know?! You did great with the house. Talk about great taste and talented!

sara said...

wow, i've never seen the before pictures! your house is beautiful and i am sad just looking at this- we're going to miss you!!

AZ Wrights said...

Mamo gave us your blog address....I LOVED your before/after pics. When we FINALLY get settled here in AZ and buy a home I may have to hire you to come make it cute! What talent. Good luck on your move. We enjoyed our visit w/ your mom, em and maddy over spring break.


Mike and Joy said...

Chelsea, you are a MAGICIAN. You have so much vision! I don't know why, but the part of my brain that looks at something and sees what it could be...that part is broken. I wouldn't want to sell, either!!

Katie and Bill said...

Looks like Extreme Home Makeover! Although I would expect nothing less from you, Chelsea :) Good work!

The Skinners said...

I had no idea how much work you had put into the house. You did a great job and whoever bought it is lucky to move into sucha cute place!

Deming Family said...

What does the exterior look like? It is amazing what you did with the place. I can only imagine how sad it must be to leave. You're going to Texas, right?


I've never seen your house pics before! Thanks for sharing, but now I'm just jealous that I can't decorate like you. You are amazing! Your next house will be just as cute!

LeeAnne said...

Wow Chelsea I had no idea you guys did so much to your house! I had never seen the before pictures, so I assumed that your gorgeous house had always been that gorgeous (except for maybe some painting). My mom saw the picture of that basement room with the rags hanging up and said "it's a good she lived in Guatemala, she probably saw this and said 'great, looks just like home!'" Come on out and renovate my house when I buy one! :)

Bradden, Sunny, and Hyrum Cannon said...

Can you come decorate my house? You did an amazing job. (Hi Rob!) your kids are cute.
Enjoy Texas. We were possibly going to move out there too, but are now moving to northern Iowa this summer.

matt, bekah & baby jax said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed and so proud of you. You for sure have the VISION. You need to submit these to rate my space on HGTV.com. It is very impressive, and your decorating! Again, WOW.

Kristy, Bill and a Spoiled Golden Retriever said...

Wow...your house looks amazing. You guys have some major talent. However, how exciting that you're moving?!?!? San Antonio?

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

update update update!!