A couple Robbie stories...

This morning, Robbie came into our room and asked if the outside lights were on yet. I said yes, so he said "ok, when I say 'Im awake' that means that Im awake." Then he ran back in his bedroom shut the door and go under his covers. So I followed him and when I got to his door he announced, "Im awake!" So, I went in and said "honey, Im so glad you are awake." and he said "no no no, you say 'Good Morning Robbie!" So of course, I told him "good morning" and now that the morning went exactly as he has planned, he got up ready to start the day!
Yesterday he asked if we had a "coughing" table, because they that kind of table at Kate's house!
He loves to cook, last night he broke his string cheese in pieces and kept flipping a tortilla like a pizza...
Lately he is asking what it will be like when he is a daddy. "Amity wants me to be a daddy" He always askes "will I do that when Im a daddy?"
He is still a Prince, and he is still Superman...we live with a Royal Super Hero!
I love his new word: "Scrubble" it means, to scratch, to mess up, actually...it means a lot of things. He can always find a way to fit it into a sentence!


Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

i cant believe him. SO cute! A coughing table haha.. I hope my future kids are as cute as yours!

echecchio said...

I love that you write those things down. He will love hearing these stories when he is older. He is too sweet having you make his morning just the way he thinks it should be :)

Deming Family said...

I love that you keep track of all these funny sayings. I wish I were better at that. Amber says silly stuff every day, and I NEVER remember to write them down! I already regret it. Looks like a fun Easter week, and I'm so jealous you went to Paris! What a fun get away!