Easter Morning!

When the kids got up, we went looking for the Easter Baskets.

Robbie had to get dressed first, and told me at least 10 times that he didnt need to button his shirt. When he wears them like that, they are called "Mulan Shirts." Because the guys in Mulan wear open shirts?

Rob and I went Friday night to pick out stuff for our Easter baskets. He chose a Ton of old movies...mostly James Bond.

I couldnt even take a picture of Elle's easter basket before she had knocked it over and gone for the chocolate. It was cute that there was no question which one was hers. she can spot a doll from a mile away!

She was pretty excited!
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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

no way-- robbie is such a character. i love the "mulan shirt." he is so funny. mattie and i were talking about how much we miss robbie and elle today in sacrement.. there were these two cute little boys right by us.

echecchio said...

that is sooo funny about the open shirt. It's amazing the details that kids pick up on. They are both getting so big. I am a little jealous of Robbies BBQ, he must love that!