at the Zoo

After the Egg Hunt on Saturday, we went to the Zoo. I normally dont take pictures at the zoo...but it seemed like there was some cool stuff going on. Check it out!

This is an oversize water snapping turtle. It was just standing there...forever. weird!

These were so cute, look at them all cuddled up!

I LOVE the Philadelphia zoo, but especially "Big Cat Falls." We get to be right next to the Lions Tigers and Jaguars. Four lions were hanging out against the glass. They are SO pretty. When you are that close, they dont even seem dangerous, just like good friends.

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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

how cute is that first picture? i love it.. elle has hair!! yay!

Rachel said...

That last picture gives me goosebumps, I am terrified of lions and tigers getting loose in the zoo!! Presley roars at the lions and they roar back and do that whole stalking thing. YIKES!