The place to Play on a freezing Day!

Thank you to the "Smith's" who donated their mansion to all of the kids of Philadelphia! We went to the Smith Playhouse yesterday to let the kids run around. It had been awhile since we had gone, and let me just say it is a dream come true for parents and kids! Three floors of TOYS! We could have stayed there all day! And the best part for me is no mess in the house! Hooray for kind people who donate mansions and toys!

They have a snack room...

the basement level is all cars, tricycles, bicycles, little gas stations, houses, roads, and stoplights!

The middle level is bigger toys like a wooden train, boat, house, etc

not shown is the third level that is ALL fun toys: dinosaurs, kitchen, dollhouse, trainset, workbench, infant toys, etc!
Addie and Robbie were going crazy with excitement, Bennie and Elle were loving all of the new toys they had never seen!
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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

i think instead of having my own kids, im going to steal yours. i miss you guys so much :(

li'l mil said...

looks like so much fun! good thing we're sticking around for 2 more years...we'll have a chance to check it out with owen.

PS: i love your life frosting blog...can i just hire you for any parties i throw? seriously.

Amanda said...

Looks like fun! Cute kids!

I have shown a few friends your lifefrosting blog, they loved the ideas for Valentine's, parties etc :) Have you thought about opening a business, writing a book, you're great at it! :)
I'm doing a "pink party" for Anabell, I might be emailing you for ideas!

Kristy, Bill and a Spoiled Golden Retriever said...

That's fabulous! I think I would even enjoy going to a place like that!