Daddy, how was your good day?

I love Robbie's way of asking how the day went. He doesnt leave any room for negativity...just a little boy assuming that it is always a good day. With him around, it always is!
After getting tools for his birthday, you will find him "tooling" all around the house everyday. He even cleared off a shelf in his Daddy's tool room for his set. He is always making sure his drill is working correctly!
Elle is a little girl who loves her sleep. Even though she is a light sleeper, she loves to spend time in her crib. After church today, she fell asleep...at about 4:30...for the night! That is how it goes when she doesnt get a nap! She is still teasing us, standing up in the middle of the room and staying on her feet for over a minute--but NOT walking! Hopefully soon!

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echecchio said...

I love that! I think that I will start phrasing things like that with James...no room for bad things, only good. He is a smarty pants!