Road Trip Weekend in Massachussetts

This past weekend, we took a family trip to Massachussetts. We had a lot of places to see...and only 3 days to see them, so we were going going going! We started in the beautiful Berkshires in the west and then spent time in the east at Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard.
Robbie is so good in the car. We gave him books to look at, and it would keep him occupied for a long time. We didnt even have to take out the dvd player!

We saw this car fire on the road! CRAZY! Robbie wont stop asking what happened to the car on fire! I think all of the passengers were safe as there was a group of teenagers standing a short distance from the car...crying. Sad!


Elise said...

Looks like a great little vacay. Great pics too : )

Mike and Joy said...

I think I would have had an absolute meltdown if I had passes that burning van. Holy cow!!!