"Let's put a hug on it"

Robbie is at such a fun age, I wanted to document some of the cute things he has been saying.
"Let's put a hug on it" when he wants a hug
"I peed on spiderman" when he has an accident and feels SO bad about it (I bought "character' underwear to give him an incentive)
"Be Careful Jesus, Dont fall Jesus" when we drive by the church with the big statue of Jesus on the Cross
"NO WAY, that's so Awesome!" about pretty much everything
"Is daddy going to SHUNKY-SHUNKY?" Part of our new language that is all made up words, I usually answer "yeah, but we can stay home and do roosky skiddly bop"
"Bye Bye, I have to go to work. I have to mow the lawn" As he gets ready to mow the lawn with his bubble mower...he HAS to be wearing his "black" shoes to mow the lawn.
There is a new one everyday! His favorite thing right now is Playdough. He loves making noodles and confetti. I think he and Rob played playdough for 2 hours the other day. He gets so excited for preschool and playgroup...and is ready and willing to take a nap at noon. I have to be careful going shopping with him, because I end up with a LOT of extra things in the cart. He's a funny little guy!


Elise said...

Ok. I have a play dough lover too, but you HAVE TO TRY my stuff. It is about 5000X better. It's Crayola Model Magic. I was actually going to blog about it soon. It comes in 6 packets and you can mix the "claymagic" as Sam calls it, together it it turns a different color. Red & Yellow= Orange and such. It doesn't crumble all over. You can use it again and again (just put it tightly in a ziplock with no air) and after working it a little it is just as soft and workable as new! Plus, when you let it dry (overnight) the kids can actually play with their creations w/o them breaking/cracking/crumbling away. It is seriously the BEST. Walmart, Target, ShopKo. You'll LOVE it I'm sure : )

Goodrich's said...

So smart to write all that cute stuff down. He sounds like such a sweetheart. I wish I knew him.

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

ohhhh.. i love this little boy.

Deming Family said...

How cute Chelsea! I need to document the things Amber says, I'll be so sad if I don't because it's daily she makes me laugh. What cute kids, and your trip to Mass. looked like a blast. What beautiful pictures.

Rachel said...

Isn't 3 such a great age?!?!

Rain gear came from Gymboree. I bought it big enough that haopefully they can wear it all into next Spring. I have some extra Gymbucks that I'n not using, email me if you want the codes.

Your kids are just darling, I love seeing their pictures. Talk to you soon,