Mothers Day

For Mother's Day, Rob and the kids made a huge batch of MONSTER chocolate covered strawberries!

Earlier, I was invited to the kindergarten day spa.  It was so fun (once I got there...story below!)
First, Robbie asked welcomed me to the mothers spa.  Then he offered me a cold beverage (water).  Then he took me to a table and pulled out my bag of tricks and proceeded to paint my nails, brush my hair, put makeup on me, give me a mini massage.  It was the cutest thing on the planet!  I had so much fun spending time with him!! 

before the spa:
well, I was running a little late home from the gym...you know how that happens.  I had just dropped the other kids off at a sitter, and I had about 5 minutes to run inside, change my clothes and pick up my bag that had all of the fun stuff they told us to bring to the spa.  SO, I pulled in the garage and went straight up to the door to find it DEADBOLTED.  I never carry house keys (well, now I do) so I had no way to get it.  A realtor had shown it and had locked all the doors.  I was panicked and called the realtor who was no help at all, so I did what any mom would do in a situation like that...I had my neighbor come and break the door.  Yes, in that moment not another single option would come to mind!  I had to have that bag for the spa because Robbie would be heart broken if I didnt!  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?
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