Our Family...kid style!

Robbie came home the other day with this cute picture of our family. I thought he did such a good job and even colored Janes hair darker. He is such a little colorer. After school he can spend an hour or two coloring at the table. His favorite things to color are superhero book, his power ranger book but most of all, he loves doing his workbook. (He is helping me write this right now...giving me the wording)

So, this morning, Elle was sitting down eating breakfast. After she ate her bowl of cereal, she asked me for a graham cracker. I left the room for a minute, and when I came back I saw a bunch of broken crackers and crumbs on her placemat. I was about to get upset, when she said "Mom, Look...I made a Mommy and a Daddy!)" sure enough, she had made our family out of graham crackers!!!
I am so proud...that I have left the crackers there! I dont know how Im ever going to clean them up!

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I am personally a big fan of Rob's blue hair. I think he should try that look. That's so cute! Your kids are adorable!