Today is Jane's FIRST Birthday!
She took about 5 steps today too! I think within the next couple days whe'll really get the hang of walking!

Jane is the sweetest little thing! I cant even believe this year has gone by so fast!
We love you sweetie!
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Katie Davis said...

She is so darling. Happy Birthday Janey! So I was dying laughing at the ragmuffin post. Just earlier in the day I was complaining about the same thing. Hallie's hair is so unmanageable, and she has to choose her clothes and shoes and put them on herself. and she goes through her shoes 2 or 3 times before choosing. yikes! isn't she a little too young! And jack of course has no sense of style so his picks are, well, wow. i got your christmas card which i loved. beautiful, as usual! Sure do miss ya! wish you lived closer. i'm voting for utah. :)