An Accurate Description of my life

Miranda visited me a couple weeks ago...and summed up my life perfectly:
"I will miss trying to feed Jane food she spits out while tearing off her bib and crying, while watching Milo try to sit up and keep him safe from Elle who has gone potty and not yet replaced her panties and has "no food in [her] body" and wants to eat what Robbie has, which is a big bowl of Pirate's Booty because we haven't had time to make anything else, let alone get to the grocery store so we'll just wait for Rob to bring home pizza so we can put them all in the bath together, put on glow-in-the-dark skeleton PJ's then get them to bed, all the time knowing that Elle will be yelling in about two-minutes that she still has no food in her body then Robbie will yell that Elle is still awake, but we'll be busy feeding the babies to put them down and they will sleep, but Milo may wake up at 11, 2, 5 and 7 wanting to eat and play more because he is disoriented about being in a new place, but finally the house will be quiet and we will stare at each other deciding whether or not to attempt one of the fun crafts we thought of during the our drive to soccer or play group, and finally will decide we're too tired and just go to bed. Yeah...I'll miss that."
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