Elle's Second Birthday Party

Of course Elle had a fever all day. She slept most the day, but woke up enough for the party.

I think the only thing she ate all day was this cupcake she is grabbing! And maybe part of a doughnut!

This little girl was pretty darn out-of-it! She was not her normal crazy excited self!

She let Rob open her presents for her! She was content just chillin! I hope at least one day she'll look back and enjoy the pictures!!!

The party details are on my life frosting page.
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Happy Birthday Elle! What a fun party - don't they plan out their sicknesses just perfect! My kids always get sick the day before a plane flight. You are an adorable mom!

Danica said...

How cute is that huge cupcake!!

Lizzie and James said...

I love the deco, and that cake is fabulous! Is it the giant wilton cupcake pan. I totally want one. It looks so cute, I am sure she is sad that she wasn't feeling well, and didn't get to eat all those treats.
Happy Birthday!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

turned out so cute chels.. i love their little shirts! good work

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Elle!! 2 is so much fun, it is my favorite age ;-)