Hebgen Lake Happenings...

I was FASCINATED by the Bear and Wolf discovery center in West Yellowstone. It is so fun to be so close to animals that arent found in the zoo!
Our wildlife sightings were: 2 moose (a couple of times, so we think they may have been the same 2) a fox and 4 foxlings, and 2 elk. (of course those who went into yellowstone say buffalo, coyotes, etc)
Lots of Fish. Lots.
My dad flew the kids and I from Powell to Hebgen. 2.5 hours in the plane verses 12 hours in the car...THANK YOU DAD!
Robbie's famous fish
The pet frog for a day.
Elle with her giant lip. She fell on the dock the first day, and her lip got HUGE!

Elle in a bear trap...maybe thats what I need at home!

Our Fox without her foxlings
The boys and some of the fish.
Elle and her sad face. I couldnt bear to get pictures when it was really bad. That was dumb!
The bears and their bear popsicle
This is seriously how they eat...well, and fish of course!


Mike and Joy said...

That looks like SUCH a fun trip! Mike and I lived on Hebgen Lake a few years ago, it was so nice to wake up every morning and see our surroundings...surreal! I bet your kids had so much fun...besides Elle falling. ouch.

The Romneys said...

Wow! Robbie definitely has fishing in his genes. Those are some pretty impressive first catches.

twcdental said...

Are you guys on a permanant vacation... it looks like your having too much fun! I love the pics... and way to go Robbie catching that fish, we sure miss you guys!


All of these pictures look like you had so much fun! It is beautiful there! So sad about Elle's lip :(.