First Haircut, First Pedicure!

I know, I know...you didnt think Elle had enough hair for a haircut...but, 1 inch off the back made all of the difference! It went from a slight mullet to a bob with the snip of the scissors!

she still doesnt have a lot of hair on the top...but it is coming!

She has a tiny bit of curl in the back that is SO cute!

Since my toes are freshly painted (finally) I had to paint hers too. She wouldnt sit very still because it tickled her, so they are a little messy, but she stops every couple minutes to admire them. I was surprised how much Rob loves them!
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LeeAnne said...

Cute, cute haircut! By the way, if you're still in Pennsylvania, we're actually in Exton right now visiting Carlos's mom. Call me at 435-757-2692 (Carlos's cell) if you have time :) We'll be here until Tuesday, when we head for Nicaragua, then we'll be back in Exton from May 29 to June 3.

Blondie Blues said...

Hey Chelsea, it's Deborah Fredrick Tueller. Thanks for the comment on my blog, it was so fun to hear from you! Your BLOG is so fun; what a cute mom you are and CUTE family. It is so fun to get a glance of your LIFE, Lets keep in touch.


That is so adorable! I love kids feet, I think it's their cutest part. I also have to tell you that we debuted Ellie's outfit for Mother's Day and can't even tell you how many compliments that we got on it. Thank you so much again! I absolutely love you and all of your ideas. You are my idol!