Just Playing Around

I am so excited about my Christmas camera...but I have no idea how to use it. Yes, I know how to look at something and press the button...but I havent had time to really learn Iso, aperature, and shutter speed...and then there is white balance, and SO much other stuff. Anyway, until I have the time...I am loving pointing and shooting. Elle let me take some pictures of her the other day...I just need to remember to keep practicing! Oh...and SHE IS WALKING! Yeah! She has been taking a couple steps for a weeks now, and now she will walk across a room. She still hasnt made it a habit...but little by little!

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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

ohh my goodness she is so adorable.. i miss them so much!! dont take this the wrong way but she had just about grown into her head! hehe I love you chels.. cant believe you leave for paris tomorrow.. im jealous.

Elise said...

So fun. It seems like her and Hannah are on the same schedule. They both crawled within a week or so too : ) Hannah is still only talking about 4 steps before getting scared... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week!

I'm so jealous of the camera too. That's my D.R.E.A.M. Maybe for a Residency Graduation present???


Elise said...

And I just saw Paris! Have a blast and give the Louvre a shout out from me : )

echecchio said...

You look like you are getting the hang of things rather quickly! She looks adorable.