The Sunday before Valentines...

OK, so I dress my kids festively for church! I was glad she could use this holiday sweater one more time before retiring it to the 6-12 months box. For Valentines ideas...go to my idea blog.
I've been teaching Robbie about saying "You're my Valentine!"
I know that he is his sister's valentine...she loves him So much. He can make her smile by walking into the room!
Sometimes he holds her a little too tight!
She is so Happy...and has 6 teeth now. She stood up in the middle of the room the other day, took a step and got right back on her knees.
Robbie has been telling me hour long stories about "swording" the bad guy, saving the girl, taking me (his princess) up to the sky, and turning the scary guys into happy guys. He is obsessed with being a Prince right now, Prince Robbie, because all his friends from playgroup and preschool are princesses. He even asked me to go put on my princess dress!


Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

Your kiddos are so stinkin cute! I love dressing Ava coordinating with all the holidays too! love your pics- miss ya and happy v day!

Elise said...

Too cute and totally Chel : ) Love the idea blog. I'll put a link on mine too. You are supurb!