" Bye bye sweetie, love you, I am going to Preschool today"

OK...that really did happen! How cute is that! Last wednesday was Robbie's first day at preschool. (my friend kim started a mini preschool once a week) He was so excited, and I came downstairs to find him hugging and kissing Baby Elle saying "bye bye sweetie, I love you, I am going to preschool today." It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! It also made me really happy that Rob sets that kind of example for Robbie as he leaves to his school each day! Now, if he would only share his bath toys with her!

Little Robbie off to preschool!

A sweet good-bye for his little sister.
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Muranda said...

That is so sweet. I think it is adorable that he is wanting to be like his daddy.

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

i dont think i could miss your little ones any more. what a cute big brother! tell them to stop crying because they miss me so much. and i LOve the pics on allisons page. im excited to see the rest. love you!

Hillary Redd said...

Hey Wood family,
Just blog stalking and found your blog on Muranda's blog. Your family looks so cute and I have to say your kids are looking alot like their daddy. Our site is hillaryredd.blogspot.com, keep in touch!


Ashley said...

Hi Chels! I ran into your Mom the other day (she's so nice) and it got me thinking about you. I heard you had a blog and it was so easy to find (isn't the blog world the best?) Your family is so cute and I can't believe your little guy started pre-school! Your mom told me you guys are headed to San Antonio. That will be great! I wish we knew where we were headed. We find out in March, wouldn't it be great it we ended up in TX too? Well, just wanted to say Hi. I went private on my blog, so I'll send you an invite. I think I have your email. Enjoy your Fall in the East. Take Care. -Ashley Kelly

Brad, Tracee and Brooks said...

What a handsome little man! Do they really grow up that fast? YIKES! I know my little man will be copying his dad's sayings any day now!