Its a great big colorful world out there...

...everything has a color that it can share. Especially crayons! Today the kids and I went with my friend Kim and her kids up to Easton, PA to visit the CRAYOLA Factory! Ever since I watched the Extreme Home Makeover, where they visited that place to buy handfuls of every color of crayons for the little girl's room, I have wanted to go....so we did! I have to admit, it was a little gimicky and we didnt see anything that looked like a factory, but Robbie got to do some fun colorful art projects and I got to buy handfuls of different colors of crayons! So...looks like the day was a success! (It was, however a pretty long drive!)

The largest crayon in the world...15 feet long!

They gave them little bags to collect their projects.

Even Elle enjoyed the markers!

Robbie showing off his melted wax crayon painting!

Bins of Crayons.

Tubes of Crayons.

Being a helpful big brother!

After the long day we found a nice park by this canal to hang out and eat lunch. This picture summarizes my last couple weeks without my husband...and I can tell you right now, these kids are not feather-weights!


Rachel said...

I hear ya girl... I am at it alone at least 2 days/nights a week with my 3. We are rockstar Mommies!!

Your kids are darling, I love getting to see their pics so often. Glad to see I am not the only camera crazed mama!

Deming Family said...

Holy crap Chelsea! I love your comment you left the other day. That trip to Lake Powell is on the top 10 chart. It was such a fun trip, and I can't believe you dared to ...you know. Stacie and I laugh about it all the time. Your kids are adorable! I'm so glad you left a message! How else are we to be in touch! Love the photos!

aimee heff said...

I wanna go now! How fun is the crayon factory!

Elise said...

Have you tried the "SO BIG" crayola's??? They are the best. Not just the Large size, the SO BIG. They are perfect for 3 and 4 year old hands and NEVER break. Look for them. Sam is my artist and loves them!