Kindergarten performance

"we are the weeds...we're cool..." I can hear robbie practicing!
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Robbie's School Egg Hunt

He was pretty excited about it...he had one egg in particular he wanted to find! (luckily he found the carrot shaped egg!)

Here is Madeleine (the one Robbie thinks is cute!) Good taste...she's a doll!

Robbie's kindergarten class

His cute teacher Mrs. Valdez. (we wouldnt mind having her as a teacher every year until college!)

Colby and Harrison are two of Robbies best friends in class.
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Elle's school egg hunt

her little friend Ellie
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neighborhood easter egg dyeing

We had fun dipping eggs with some of our school friends after school this week! 



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heaven forbid...

I put any pictures of Jane and Luke up without putting the ones of Elle and Luke!

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The float parade

The float parade was a big deal for the kindergarteners.

some of the floats were AMAZING!
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Third time is the Charm!

Time to donate again! It is kind of liberating to cut it off!

I feel like I am turning a new leaf. I am going to cut it more often and when I want to and maybe not wait 2 years and 10 inches every time!
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Soccer time

Robbie is Loving soccer this spring. He is playing as hard as he can, and really concentrating on the ball!
He told me he was doing some amazing moves...and he was!

Elle's "every-snack-in-the-pantry Trail Mix" was a huge hit at the game. She was proud to have made such a scrumptious blend of popcorn, goldfish, wheat thins, oreos, pretzels, triscuits, hershey kisses, half reeses eggs!
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4 disasters in 5 minutes

and they happen every 5 minutes all day long!

Today, Elle scrubbed the bathroom (floors, walls and bathtub) with hair mousse, after she and robbie did a science experiment outside with food coloring, soap and milk, before they peeled hardboiled eggs all over the kitchen....etc etc etc.

I need a live-in housecleaner. I cant pay a lot...but I will smile a lot when you are around to do the clean up :)
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Deep in the Heart of Spring

We have enjoyed a wonderful spring...but I feel summer coming on already!

this is about right...Elle Bossing, and Jane eating goldfish!

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Robbie's Fiesta Float

Robbie was very proud of his Batman Float for the Kindergarten Fiesta Parade. 
Fiesta is a huge deal here in San Antonio, and it was fun for the kids to celebrate!

He had the best idea to have Batman carrying maracas!

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