6 Weeks Old and 9lbs

I am savoring every minute of this little guys babyhood. He is my little buddy and I LOVE cuddling with him every night at 7 when the kids go to bed. I just wish he would take his time growing...stay tiny as long as possible, because this truly is my favorite stage!

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Bright-Eyed and Bundled up




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Janie Jane

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Robbie turns 6

We had a great time last weekend for Robbie's birthday party. I can no longer say I have 4 kids under 5!!!
The party was a blast...we were lucky to have semi-warm weather (compared to the SNOW in TEXAS the day before!)
All the party details are on LIFE FROSTING
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Little Lukie

The kids are having so much fun holding their brother...they started to hold eachother!!!

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